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At our medico-legal company, we understand the intricate relationship between medicine and the law. Through our medico-legal reporting, rehabilitation services, and diagnostic tests, we empower legal professionals with the resources they need to navigate complex cases with confidence and clarity. Our mission is to facilitate the convergence of medical expertise and legal advocacy, ultimately contributing to fair and just outcomes for all parties involved.

What We Offer

Medico-Legal Reporting

Medical reports can be requested by the following expert witnesses:

  • Psychology Expert Witness
  • Psychiatry Expert Witness
  • General Practitioner Expert Witness
  • Orthopaedic Expert Witness
  • Neurology Expert Witness
  • Pain Consultant Expert Witness

Rehabilitation Services

The type of therapies we provide are as follows:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Eye Movement and desensitisation therapy (EMDR)
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
  • Osteopathy

Diagnostic Tests

The type of diagnostic tests we provide are as follows:

  • MRI Scan
  • Ultrasound scan
  • X-ray scan
  • CT scan

Medico-Legal Reporting

Our expert team specializes in crafting comprehensive and accurate medico-legal reports that bridge the gap between medical complexities and legal requirements. Our reports are tailored to your specific needs, providing clear and concise explanations of medical findings to support your legal arguments. With our medico-legal reporting services, you can present a well-founded case backed by reliable medical insights.

Rehabilitation Services

We offer a range of rehabilitation services designed to aid individuals in their recovery journey after accidents or injuries. Our team of medical professionals collaborates with therapists and specialists to create personalized rehabilitation plans. These plans encompass physical, emotional, and psychological aspects, aiming to restore individuals to their optimal functionality and well-being. By providing holistic rehabilitation services, we contribute to enhancing the quality of life for those who have experienced setbacks due to personal injury.

Diagnostic Tests

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic testing services encompass a wide array of medical examinations to assist in accurate medical assessments. From advanced imaging studies to specialized diagnostic procedures, our facilities are equipped to provide precise insights into medical conditions and injuries. These diagnostic tests play a pivotal role in establishing the foundation for medico-legal reports and supporting your legal arguments with concrete medical evidence. Our commitment to accuracy and timely results ensures that you have the necessary information to proceed confidently in your cases.

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